The Top Social Media Marketing Conference To Attend In 2017

At the end of April, I had the opportunity to attend Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, California. Dubbed the “world’s largest social media conference”, over 3,000 social media marketers met at San Diego’s waterfront convention center to discuss the latest industry news and best practices, through “discovery”, “networking”, and “fun.”

During the two-day conference, the attendees had the opportunity to listen to the industry’s top leaders and brands discuss a variety of topics, including social tactics, social strategy, content marketing, measurement, corporate social, and social customer service. Gary Vaynerchuk, Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Google, Air New Zealand, Cisco, and Tyson Foods were among the top 100 influencers and brands to share their strategies and best practices. The education and trainings were extremely valuable. The conference designed the sessions to provide real-world case studies for the attendees, so that they could apply them to their own work.

In addition to the accessibility of relevant industry content during the conference, SMMW is ideal for networking and building connections with like-minded passionate industry peers. In between the sessions, attendees had the opportunity to swap business cards and ideas with each other. These opportunities do not come very often. Social Media Examiner layered the two-day conference with infinite number of opportunities for their attendees to network together.

Social Media Marketing World provided its attendees with a variety of “fun” activities in beautiful San Diego during the conference. The opening night party took place on the U.S.S. Midway. The attendees had the opportunity to explore and learn about the history of the behemoth aircraft carrier. On the second night, the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy an evening cruising the San Diego Bay on the Inspiration Hornblower, the largest private yacht in California.

Social Media Marketing World is the top social media conference to attend. The variety of opportunities is truly endless. Every minute of the conference is so valuable. The passion from Social Media Examiner and the attendees have empowered me to create valuable content for my audience and use social media effectively to drive effective results for my brand.

For full details on next year’s Social Media Marketing World conference, go to:

Bridging the gap with Social Media,



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