A Social Media Manager’s Bookshelf: What’s On My Daily Reading List?

In several of my blog posts, I have talked about the importance of using research to identify industry trends and marketing insights for your brand’s social media marketing efforts. In fact, a large percentage of my day is spent researching and studying new social media insights. With new trends emerging every day, I believe that it is very important for Social Media Managers to be constantly reviewing data, studying industry case studies, reading blog posts and participating in webinars. Several of my resources are feature management and analytics.

Here is my top social media and digital marketing resources reading list that I follow on a daily basis:

  1. Social Media Examiner is my favorite social media resource. Social Media Examiner lives and breathes social media. They are one of the top social media publications in the industry because of their ability to discover the latest social media and digital market trends and turn them into applicable best practices. They publish a daily e-letter, manage a paid society and organize a yearly conference.

  2. Hootsuite is a social media management platform. Its mission is to help organizations maximize their social media efforts by scheduling content, engaging with fans and reviewing social analytics in one platform. What makes Hootsuite unique is that in addition to its management suite, it provides social marketing, analytics, customer service and employee advocacy solutions for its customers. In addition to their premium solutions, they manage a weekly Twitter chat and monthly webinars.
  3. Marketing Dive covers social media and digital marketing industry news. A lot of their content is about industry trends and developments. I use this resource to learn about the latest industry trends and tactics. Marketing Dive’s e-letter includes daily featured stories and top headlines from marketing and digital publications.
  4. Simply Measured is a social media analytics platform that publishes many valuable resources including: a daily blog, podcasts, whitepapers, social media analytics, industry analytics and free analytics tools.
  5. Adweek is one of the world’s top digital marketing and advertising publications. It publishes a weekly magazine, a daily e-letter and organizes a weekly Twitter chat and monthly webinars. I attend their webinars and twitter chats on a regular basis.

As the industry has grown, more and more industry resources have been created to fit every type of organization’s social media strategy. There are also tools dedicated to strategy, analysis, content, design and measurement. Over the years, my research has led me to dozens of resources that are vital to my research and analysis. I follow these resources because they provide the top industry news and relevant best practices.

Bridging the gap with Social Media,

Sarah K. Walters


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