Top 4 Facebook Live Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2017

At the end of March, I attended Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World ’17 conference in San Diego, California. I was so excited to be back in this city, known as the “Plymouth of the West.” I had an amazing time last year; you can read about my experience at SMMW’16 here.

More importantly, I was excited to back at SMMW for year number two. Dubbed the industry’s “mega conference”, Social Media Marketing World is where the world’s most passionate marketers meet up discuss the latest trends and topics. If you have a passion for social media and digital marketing, do not miss next year’s SMMW’18. Full details at Prior to the conference, I had heard that the focus of the conference would be to discuss the developments of live video and how social media marketers are using it to drive strong business results.

I was very eager to attend live video sessions by Scott Nickels, Amy Porterfield, Sarah Moore, and Lou Mogello. All four presenters provided a very unique perspective for creating and marketing live video content for every type of business, regardless of the industry. In addition to teaching the attendees on how to implement an effective strategy, the each of the speakers provided case studies to illustrate the power of live video and how marketers can replicate their successes. Here are my top 5 Facebook Live takeaways from SMMW ’17:

  1. Creating a Formula is Crucial: According to Amy Porterfield, having a formula in place will help every marketer drive stronger results. “Once you find your proven formula, you will be able to replicate strong results over and over again.” How satisfying does that sound? There are two parts to this formula: pre-launch and promotion. The pre-launch formula involves creating all of the “behind the scene” elements for the event: topics, lead magnets, creatives, pixels, and opt-in pages. The promotion formula involves the process for implementing the live event, from start to finish. Amy recommended to the audience that they should use their company’s social media presence to promote the event. This will help increase the number of live viewers during the event. After the broadcast is over, the content should be used as ad creative. Facebook allows marketers to re-market video viewers, based on the percentage of the video that they consumed.
  2. Define Your Goals: During How to Create A Live Stream Strategy, Sarah Moore emphasized the importance of defining goals, when producing a social media live event. “Figure out end goal and then reverse engineer the process and go to that goal.” This is a brilliant suggestion! The three universal goals are: 1) brand awareness, 2) brand authority, and 3) drive sales. Brand awareness is a foundational element of the strategy. Brand authority is about becoming “top of mind” and the voice of your niche. Thirdly, driving sales for your business requires you to understand measure what you implement. One of Sarah’s clients had an average organic reach of 800 people on her Facebook page of 30,000 fans. This is only 1/4 of her total audience. After she started testing Facebook Live events, her view rates have increased to 30,000 and she is able to reach 33% of her entire audience! In addition, traffic to her website doubled every single time she went live. 
  3. Community is Queen: Have you heard of the saying, “Content is King”? Well, I believe that community is Queen. In How to Create Community with Facebook Live session, the importance of turning followers into a community was emphasized by Lou Mogello. He started off by saying that we all want to create an emotional connection and influence with other people. So, how do we do that with Facebook Live? Lou recommended that in order to drive value to your community, you should broadcast: a behind the scenes tour, an unboxing demo, interview customers, take them to the trade show, Q&A’s and how-to’s. “Focus on members, not marketing, in order to create loyal evangelists for your community.”
  4. Just Test It: I believe that this is the most important takeaway from SMMW ’17. It was emphasized over and over again during the conference. To be honest, I did not get tired over hearing it. It actually made me more excited to go home and start testing these takeaways. The speakers explained that marketers should not be afraid to fail. During the Facebook Live For Brands session, Scott Nickels of Car and Driver, explained that he had a very difficult proving the return on ad spend (ROAS) with Facebook Live to his c-suite. He realized that it had not been tested enough to know that live video was not worth pursuing. He set out to prove them wrong. During the North American Auto Show, 1,400,686 people viewed their videos. I believe that Scott may have proven his point! 

After returning from SMMW’17, I have been working with my team to put together a Facebook Live event for one our lifestyle products. We are very excited to implement this event and we cannot wait to share the results with the company.

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