“Just Test It”: Lessons Learned As A Social Media Marketer

Last week, I wrote about my top 4 Facebook Live takeaways from SMMW ’17. At the end of the post, I talked about the importance of testing. Even though I am not the best at recognizing when you should test a new idea, I have been begun to realize the difference it makes in your outcome. I’ve tried very hard to keep in mind that old adage, “you never know until you test it.” 

The sky is the limit! As a Social Media Marketer, you have the ability to test the following types of elements:

  • Ad copy
  • Long-form versus short form ad copy
  • Visuals: video, images
  • Ad types: carousel, link ads, image ads
  • Ad placements 


  • Audience segments: email lists, interests, demographics, behaviors

Marketing Elements: 

  • Marketing funnels
  • Specific social media platforms
  • Landing pages
  • Order forms

 I have tested a lot of these elements on social media ads and, I will admit that not everything has worked. This outcome shouldn’t affect how you feel about testing. It should push you to try it yourself and see what happens. 

The social media marketing landscape is changing every day & you should be willing to change with it. By doing so, you discover to new ways to advertise your products and find new customers that will help sustain your business. 

Bridging the gap with social media,

Sarah K. Walters


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